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See what it takes to manufacture a pair of high quality shoes in this 6 minute video.

A brief overview of some of the processes involved in making a shoe. The shoe progresses from "clicking" or cutting of the leather components, through "closing" or stitching and fitting of the various components to make the upper. The upper is then "lasted", a sole is directly injection moulded onto the upper and finally shoe roomed, inspected and boxed.

Unlike many fully automatic manufacturing processes, shoe making is still very labour intensive and involves a great many manual steps

Are you looking for wide width women’s shoes or men’s wide width shoes? Then you've come to the right place.

Everyone’s feet are different in shape, size and width yet most shoes are only available in one fitting. It is extremely difficult for people who require wide shoes or extra wide fitting shoes to get the style and comfort that they are looking for in a shoe that is wide enough for their needs.

DB Shoes is a UK footwear manufacturer specialising in extra wide (EE fitting), extra wide, extra deep (4E fitting), extremely wide (6E fitting) and extremely wide and deep (8E fitting) footwear ensuring that you get the correct fitting footwear for your feet.

Noone else offers such an extensive choice of styling and colours in wide shoes or extreme width fitting shoes. That’s why our collection of DB easy b shoes is ………
           “The perfect fit for wider feet”

Comfortable shoes for problem feet

DB easy b shoes are wider than most shoes in the tread area, where it is needed most.

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Many styles have extra deep toe boxes to accommodate feet that require an even roomier toe area.

We manufacture these deeper toe box styles in such a way as to give the foot the space required but still look stylish.

Many of our shoes have removable socks allowing your podiatrist to insert specialist orthotic devices if required. Our designers have made many of our styles virtually seam free on the inside making these shoes a possible choice for people who have diabetes or other foot health issues. Please seek medical and shoe fitting advice to ensure that a certain style is appropriate for your needs.

Free Catalogue
You can browse our latest catalogue of Wide Fitting Shoes page by page on screen. Clicking on a shoe or topic will take you to the relevant place on the website. You can add your own bookmarks and print your own copies or even download a copy for off-line viewing. If you prefer, you can request a printed copy to be sent to you in the post
Download a
Measuring Chart
Download and print a measuring chart to help you decide your size and fitting.

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Our comprehensive search facilities will help you to locate the exact style, fitting, size and colour you require.

It's important to measure your feet correctly for a comfortable fit. See this short video from Widerfit Shoes Ltd about how to get the best from their fitting guide.

Men's and Ladies’ comfort shoes

All our shoes are designed to be comfortable.

Many of our styles are made using polyurethane as a soling material. Polyurethane has a cellular structure incorporating thousands of tiny air bubbles. These air bubbles help make the sole light weight and also act as tiny shock absorbers helping to cushion the impact as your feet contact the ground.

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Please note that not all stockists carry all our styles in all fittings and colours. We strongly advise that you telephone them to check availability before travelling.

If you have problems finding a stockist for the style, size or fitting that you require,

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Find out more about maintaining proper foot health

The importance of properly fitting footwear cannot be over stressed.

As well as reducing the overall level of comfort, poorly fitting or innapropriate shoes can contribute to such conditions as bunions, corns and calluses, and irritate diabetic, swollen or sensitive feet.

Find out more about maintaining healthy feet.

Wider Fit Shoes sell online, our complete range of shoes designed for swollen feet